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Kingdom of Aithalis

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Kingdom of Aithalis is the name of a website created by Starbucks4ever that features a list of her roleplaying characters, many genetic variants, pictures documenting genetic mutations, quotes from the S. S. Understaffed, funny screenshots, adoptables, and a forum. In more recent days, Kingdom of Aithalis refers to its accompanying forum.


The incarnation of the Kingdom of Aithalis forum known by most was founded by Starbucks4ever on January 27th, 2008 as a base of operations after the Gameware Forum was shut down. The original Proboards-hosted incarnation was created as a discussion forum to accompany the website of the same name.

The forum, being founded on the beliefs of Starbucks4Ever and the 'Fantastic Four', quickly went to the dogs. There were fewer posts in the section set aside for Creatures discussion than almost any of the other sections. It was agreed that Kingdom of Aithalis was never a Creatures forum at all.

The forum displayed a message from April 2010 to February 2012 welcoming the user to 'Astral Walmart' (a nickname of the dying forum among former staff), stating the store's nonsensical hours and requesting that the user leave the page. It spent its final years in disuse as a result of disagreements between Starbucks4Ever and the rest of the staff.

By February 6th, 2012, the forum was deleted by its host for inactivity, as the last post was made after a final conflict between Starbucks4ever and the other staff in late October 2011. The conflict arose when she took offense over 'Astral Walmart' and deleted old members and all boards except for the art boards. The other staff created an Astral Walmart board afterwards to serve as a general board, but it never saw much use. Whether or not its deletion was permanent is unknown, but no one seems to care enough to pursue its recovery.

Forum Controversy[edit]

The Kingdom of Aithalis forums recieved quite a lot of controversy due to their more mature nature, with a couple of users posting complaints on the Creatures Caves forum due to the fact that Creatures Caves has a link to the forums. One user in particular even considered urging other users to boycott the forums, due to them "giving the Creatures Community a bad name." Said threads were swiftly deleted by the forum's moderation team.

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