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Kawari Norn

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Kawari Norns

Kawari Norns, created by Pezhippo, are an experiment gone right. They incorporate a new organ called the Variation Gland which converts fat and energy into a substance called Mutamol. The Mutamol in the Norn's system causes vast degrees of mutation in Kawari offspring, often leading to astonishing mutations, such as fur colour, behavior patterns and general biochemistry. Although there have only been a few isolated incidents of premature death in offspring of Kawari Norns due to defects in their genetic make-up, studies have found that most Kawaris grow to be very sociable and strong creatures, often exhibiting improved immune systems, healing rates, friendly natures and very appealing fur colours to boot.

Kawari Norns are rare however, only a handful exist today, though work is going on to help incorporate this new breed into mainstream Norn society. So far, Kawari Norns have blended in perfectly with other Norns, which has resulted in the rise of further breeds, such as the Autumn Norn, which boasts an extremely beautiful coat of fur.

Information is still limited as to the breeding potential of the Kawari as a whole, but more info springs up constantly. New findings will be presented in a timely manner, as soon as said findings emerge.

They were hosted at KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus, but are currently available at The Creature Repository.