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Kannova Venterra

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The Kannova Venterra is a genetic breed for Creatures 2 in progress by Venithil, following their experiments with the Nova Subterra and Kannova Norn breeds.

Project's phase 1 involved giving the Norns a resistance to heavy metals (they won't have particular resistances to other toxins), a unique, more mutable lifespan, family instincts that help build bonds between parents and children as well as siblings and drastically decrease parent-child inbreeding, and produce a set of anti-wallbonking genes that work properly with the Kannova Brain. Because Kannovas can successfully produce Canny or Kannova-brained babies with Kanny norns (and likely can also safely reproduce with Nova Subterra), these traits can be passed on to Canny breeds. Also, a variant of the breed with overhauled, more food-dependent breeding has been produced; it's heavy metabolic alterations make it less viable for crossbreeding with other breeds.

Project's phase 2 would involve refining the normal Norn's instincts to remove or alter some questionable ones that rewarded the Norns for useless actions and lead to issues like OHSS.

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