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Jeckunev (known as Maddie in the outside world) is a Creatures fan who joined the Creatures Community in April 2011. She is a blogger, an avid PC gamer, and an artist struggling to regain her motivation to create. She runs both an Etsy shop and blog called Hello Interloper.


Jeckunev first discovered the Creatures series through the now defunct Fliffo's Oekaki, an off-shoot of the original Pink Poogle Toy (PPT) Oekaki in the early 2000's. Through word-of-mouth by fans there, she eventually downloaded Docking Station, and later purchased Creatures 3. As a big fan of the Petz series, she played it as a pet game before switching back to the latest installment of Petz... and that would have been history, but...

About 6 years later she was spurred by nostalgia to redownload Docking Station, and later rebuy Creatures 3. At the age of 21, she began to see the game as more of an evolution and artificial intelligence simulator, heightening her interest in getting back into it. With the help of the Creatures Wiki, she has discovered the Creatures Community and the incredible creations they have made.

Her main interest is in running feral and wolfling runs.

A Brief Summary

Current/Past Projects


  • Phoenix Norns - This may or may not become a reality... right now it's a concept, and I have some unpacked Chi Chi norn sprites just waiting to be edited. Depends on how lazy or motivated I get, I guess!

Notable Accomplishments Elsewhere

  • Was a Lead Artist on the now-defunct Nekopets pet-site, created graphics for items and pets
  • Comic featured in the Neopian Times twice on Neopets under the name witchgrl418
  • Leader of the now-defunct Neopets guild The Midnight Hunters, a pro-Lupe guild