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Iggdrasil v2

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A re-make of Iggdrasil website by it's original author, Nina

Uses a brand new look and advanced layout, made on asp.net v2.5 technology.

Hosted on: http://www.iggdrasil.NET

It has no russian part this time as the author says "The community has grown up and we all lost each other. It's no more "the biggest site" of anything, it's just a remastered content".

It's also said that all the texts from old Iggdrasil are going to be rewritten to be more readable, because when they were wrote Nina had quite limited english skills.

As of 09.10.2010 is up on the new hosting platform for at least a year since that date.

Old url (http://www.iggdrasil.ORG) is no more in use and should be deleted. Under this domain Iggdrasil v2 was hosten on GoDaddy! servers but was discontinued due to several issues (unrealiable host & the author did not found time to move it to another host).