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! Download mirror 2
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Creatures 2 COBs
Ira's Ice-Cream Cones

Ira's Ice-Cream Cones

Creator Ira
Download links Chocolate Kiwi Lemon Peach Plum Strawberry (Iggdrasil)
Download mirror 1 Iggdrasil (archive)
Download mirror 2 Creatures Caves

Ira made six ice cream cone COBs for Creatures 2:

  • Chocolate Ice-Cream: Decreases hunger and tiredness.
  • Kiwi Ice-Cream: Provides glucose and vitamin C.
  • Lemon Ice-Cream: Provides vitamin C, vitamin E, and water.
  • Peach Ice-Cream: Decreases hunger and provides fat, vitamin C, vitamin E, and amino acids.
  • Plum Ice-Cream: Provides starch, glucose, and protein.
  • Strawberry Ice-Cream: Provides water, glucose, and energy.

All of the flavors also decrease hotness and increase coldness.

This set of Ice-Cream COBs was created by Ira and was previously hosted on Iggdrasil. She also made Chocolate-Coffee Ice-Cream, which is distinct and has its own page.

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