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Hunter Norn

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Adult Female Hunter norn

General Information[edit]


The Hunter Norns are a genetic breed created by KnyteTrypper. In their younger stages, they are a bright green until they reach adulthood, when they turn dark. Various notably aggressive Norn species such as the Hardman Norns, Draig Norns, Sphinx Norns, and Nenya Norns were interbred, as well as infamous killer Norns like Fiona and Quilla. When other factors were optimal, a beautifully-colored Norn created by Anduin was introduced to the genetic strain to give the breed its unique look. The Hunter Norns are also interbred with the generation 44,000+ Norns from Creatures @ CU7 to help in the preservation of what is perhaps one of the oldest bloodlines still existent in the Creatures Community.

While the Hunter Norns get along reasonably well with Ettins and other Norns, they are highly antagonistic to Grendels. Young Hunters literally hop up and down in anger almost constantly, though a good tickling will generally calm them down for a few moments. When they get older they develop a wanderlust, and go looking for some grendels to kill.

The Hunter Norns were a featured download at KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus. They can be downloaded from Creatures Caves here.