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Also: Hooch, Albian alcohol

Hootch is a favourite drink of all creatures. Six tiny green cans first appear in Creatures, scattered all around Albia. Taking five sips from a can of hootch will empty it, at which time it may be refilled at the still, in the cellar underneath the music room.

Upon drinking hootch, a creature will become drunk, and their gait will become unsteady. This effect will wear off as the alcohol in the drink is either slept off, or decreases with time. Hootch is relatively harmless for creatures; drinking it appears to be an enjoyable experience, although it has roughly the same effects on norns as on humans - it makes all norns sleepy, and it can also make male norns angry (and females "amorous").

One sip of hootch contains

  • 60 units of alcohol
  • 5 units of hunger increase

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