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Guda the Killer: A True Tale of Deceit and Disease

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Guda the Killer: A True Tale of Deceit and Disease is a true story by Swix of Creaturetopia.

Characters (In Order of Appearance)[edit]

  • Yamatano - The Hand
  • Nicky - Jake's sister, Female Chichi/Magma Norn
  • Jake - Nicky's brother, Male Chichi/Magma Norn. Dies as a result of the disease outbreak
  • Unnamed blue male Norn
  • Guda - The "serial killer"
  • Unnamed baby Norn - Guda's first victim
  • Leon - Guda's second victim
  • Unnamed old Norn - Guda's third and last victim


Guda herself was a Norn that hatched in one of Swix's worlds when a blue-tinted Norn from the Warp bred with one of her native Norns. She was extremely violent and took the lives of many Norns, including an infant shortly after she hatched.

Despite a vast amount of training, Guda always reverted back to her aggressive ways. After this she killed two Norns and was abandone along with her children by Swix via the Warp, along with a message explaining how smart yet violent she was. Guda was recieved by many players, and to their horror, also her violent ways. Guda's fate is uknown, but it is believed by Swix that she most likely eventually died. Her childrens' fate is also unknown.