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Grey Champ Grendel

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The Grey Champ Grendels are a genetic breed created for C3/DS by Marcus K. as part of Aktion Wunschzettel.

Grey Champ Grendel (female)

In fact, these grendels were not expressly requested by anyone, but were created so that the Wispy Norns might be able to get to know grendels without dying. As a result they have been made to fear being hit (as they are easily killed), as well as being afraid of the water and norns. In return, they were granted an improved immune system to resist disease, and their life cycle has been adjusted so that they live about the same time as a norn. They also become fertile in the Adolescent life stage rather than the typical Adult stage; due to their fragility, they prefer to lay their eggs in the Norn Terrarium or Meso rather than the Jungle Terrarium.

Grey Champ Grendel (male)

This breed comes as an agent - when injected, an egg-laying machine is created, which (unlike the standard grendel and ettin layers) must be manually activated to produce an egg. From time to time a Banshee Grey Champ Grendel may be born instead of a standard one. These look the same as normal grendels, but live even longer than norns.

The Grey Champ Grendels may be downloaded (translation) from Mummy's Creatures.