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*[[Starseed Plant]]
*[[Starseed Plant]]
*[[Überraschungseier (Suprise eggs)]]
*[[Surprise Eggs]]
*[[Water Eggs]]
*[[Water Eggs]]
*[[WR Egglayer]]
*[[WR Egglayer]]

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Grendel Warehouse

The Grendel Warehouse is the site for Marcus K.s agents and breeds.

Summary of Content[edit]

If you look on this site you will find many interesting and useful things, along with some you should never need (for example, the Atomic Bomb....)

  • Fire Norn agents
    • Feuerameise (Fire Ants)
    • Feuerball (Fire Ball)
    • Feuerling (Fire Butterfly)
    • Feuerwasser (Fire Water)
    • Feuerwerk (Fireworks)
    • Grill
    • Lavaballs 1 through 6 (Lava Balls)
    • Lavacookies (Lava Cookies)

And some Norn Breeds:

Interesting Facts[edit]