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The details of [[creature]]s in games in the [[Creatures series]] - such as their [[brain]]s, [[biochemistry]] and appearance - are to a great degree dictated by virtual genetics using a simulated [[genome]]; often called [[Digital DNA]].
Things which are defined in [[genome]]s include:
* [[brain]] information ([[lobe]]s, and the [[dendrite]]s and [[neuron]]s they contain)
* [[chemical]] reactions and [[half-lives]] (norns can become [[immortal]] and such things when these [[mutation|mutate]])
* [[initial concentration|concentration]]s of chemicals in the bloodstream at birth
* [[biochemistry]] workings ([[receptor]]s, [[emitter]]s, and '[[neuro emitter]]s' which link with the brain systems)
* creature [[appearance]]; [[pose]], [[pigments]] and [[gait]], among other things
Each individual '[[gene]]' of a genome can [[mutation|mutate]] in various ways and lead to interesting new behaviours which the original designers never thought of.
There are [[:Category:Genetic Editors|editors]] available which let you manipulate the genetics directly and birth new creatures with them, such as the [[Genetics Kit]].  

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