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Genesis Norn

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The Genesis Norns are a genetic breed by Marcus K. in which all of the chemicals used in the genes that control the norn's biochemistry - reaction genes, receptors, emitters, and so on - have been changed to the next one down in the chemical list. For example, the first chemical, lactate, becomes pyruvate in all reactions and receptors, etc, that originally used lactate; pyruvate becomes the third chemical in the list, glucose; and so on for all the genes. The exact effects of this are not yet known, but they are noted to be robust. Because of these extensive changes, they may not interbreed well with other creatures. They are non-CFE.

The Genesis norns come in three varieties, each with a different appearance that differs based on whether the norn is male or female. This variety is chosen at random when a new Genesis norn is laid from the egg layer, and there are no differences besides the different sprites. They require Dream Norn, Estrella Norn, Plant Norn, Draconian Norn, Jungle Grendel, and Desert Ettin sprites to appear properly.

They are available at Mummy's Creatures.