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Anything that is not a Norn, Ettin or Grendel is classified as a Geat. Please note that Geats are not actually a species -- merely a creature that does not fit into any of the other categories.

The term is used within the game and genetics editor to denote the species slot in the later Creatures game engines (Creatures 3 and Docking Station) unused by an existing ingame species. Another good example of the use of the Geat sprite slot is in making sprite sets for other already defined breeds after all of the other breed slots are taken. Lis Morris's Gaia for Creatures 3 is a good example: it is a creature that didn't fit under the typical creature divisions. The slot wasn't widely used in development until Creatures 3, and while it did exist in Creatures 2 but with a different name (Shee), it didn't even exist in Creatures.

In Norse mythology, Geatland is another name for Gotland, an island which nowadays is in Sweden and the Geats were the Scandinavian inhabitants of that island. According to Jordanes and modern archaeological finds, Geats are, in reality, the same as the Goths.