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Gardenia is a new garden-themed (surprise!) metaroom by zareb. Released on August 12th, 2005 as part of the CCSF 2005, it is his fourth metaroom, and he considers it his best yet.

The room contains one main level, a small platform, some critters, plants (it's a garden...), and a weather system.

Note that the door out of the room may cause an error, and while it does have CAs for heat and light, the food items do not emit them. Creatures also cannot interact with the plants, which can be confusing for them. Gardenia overlaps with Zareb's The Ancient Arch room 1.

You could find Gardenia at Zareb's Creations, and it is now available from Eem Foo's Archive.

This agent is known to cause conflicts with OS X Creatures