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Gameware Development

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Gameware Development

Gameware Development are the last surviving remnants of the company previously known as Entraline, Creature Labs and (even further back in time) Cyberlife. They have released several recompilations in the Creatures series, and it should be noted that they are surviving, albeit on projects (like BAMZOOKi) only tangentially related to Creatures. Incorporated on 7 May, 2003, they are technically owned by Gameware Europe, their parent holding company which bought the assets of Creature Labs when it folded.

The founding members of Gameware appear to have been Jeremy Cooke (CEO and founder of Gameware Europe), Ian Saunter, Mark Stamps and Dylan Banarse, with Lisa de Araujo returning to help out with marketing. In August 2004 they acquired SceneMachines.

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