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Frimlin's Words of Bibble

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Frimlin's Words of Bibble is a catalogue file for Creatures 3 and Docking Station. This file is a most wonderful addition to the game, and is my favorite add on for the games. I like being able to understand my norns, and communicate with them better.

Frimlin Says[edit]

I finally got around to posting my edited speech catalogue to the internet. It's entitled "Words of Bibble" At first, one of the words was indeed "bibble" -- but then I changed it. You need to place it in your DS catalogue directory if you're using it just for DS. Or the C3 one if it's for C3. If you do use it for C3, please read the suggestion inside the catalogue about changing one of the words."

Available for download at the Internet Archive.

This agent has not been tested with OS X Creatures