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Member Since 1 November 2010
Location Texas, USA

Freylaverse, is a Creatures player from New Zealand who joined the Creatures Community in late 2010. Freyla also helps run the The Norn Nebula Discord server, and is the owner of Creatures Discord.

She created the Foxy Norns based on the animatronics Foxy and Mangle from the Five Nights at Freddy's series of games for the CCSF 2015, and also created the Nac Mac Bibble for the CCSF 2017 based on the Nac Mac Feegle from Terry Pratchett's the Wee Free Men.

She also released the Prettier Aquarium update in 2021, and The Norn Swarm in 2023.

CCSF Coordination[edit]

Freyla was responsible for organising the CCSF 2018, posting updates to the festival's Tumblr page and her YouTube channel. She was selected to coordinate again for the CCSF 2019 the following year, this time working with Mea and Mad_Doodles, who also ran for the coordinator position. She was chosen to coordinate a third time for the CCSF 2020, for which she worked on the Nornbinary Update, Football, Thing on a Stick, Stickerports, Advanced Pulse Switch, and Floaties.

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