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Francis Irving

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Francis Irving

Francis Irving (aka frabcus) was a programmer who worked at Creature Labs from 11 January 1999 to 13 September 2002. He was responsible for developing many parts of the latter games in the Creatures series, in particular the build tool system used with Creatures 3 and Docking Station (described in his article, Automating the Build Process) and the Docking Station multiplayer client code, as well as the engine for BAMZOOKi. He was also administrator and script editor for the Creature Labs website, support programmer for Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams, and produced and arranged the publication of the Linux edition of Creatures Internet Edition, which he worked on with Ben Campbell in his spare time.

During his time at Creature Labs, Francis created TortoiseCVS, an open-source Windows CVS client. He has subsequently worked with Berbank Green and Gavin Buttimore on a game called FleaFall. He also does volunteer work for Public Whip and TheyWorkForYou.com, websites dedicated to letting the public know how their representatives are working for them (or not, as the case may be) by monitoring of MPs and data-mining of voting records.

Prior to his work at Creature Labs, Francis helped develop Machining Stategist, (a 3D CAD/CAM tool) at NC Graphics.

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