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Forum:Creative Norn Ideas

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Some Norn Ideas for those of you with the Genetics Kit.

Aqua Norn

Cheese Norn

Chihuahua Norn

Dragon Norn

Spider Norn

I've though of one that would need a little more work. A norn that's sprite changes with its moods. If it's angry it turns into a large green norn, if it's happy then a pink fuzzy norn, sad a blue norn. I think that having a change in bio chemistry trigger a change in sprites would do this. Super-norn-breeder 02:23, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

Perhaps one that can ressurect itself if it dies. Could be a good idea for a norn that has to put up with Banshee Grendels.

Phoenix! No, really. A norn that gets younger when in a fire bath agent (that would come with them), and they are coloured like flames and have wings. And can fly. And turn into flames when they die and get reborn.