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Flib Dat!

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This page is about the website - for the person, see flib_dat.

Flib Dat!
  • Addresses:
    • www.verminary.com/creatures (darchive)
    • www14.brinkster.com/mockery/creatures (old, archived)
    • {somewhere on crosswinds.net}
  • Webmaster: Amy Luther
  • Ran from/to: Before September 2000 - 17 January 2002 (last update)

Summary of Content

As mentioned on the front page, Flib Dat! has "stuff for Creatures 2". Quite a lot of stuff, in fact!

Bad Albia Wolfling Run

History of Website

The site moved on 1 November 2000 from Crosswinds to Brinkster. An archive was later started on her own site, verminary.com, assumably around January 2002.

Interesting Facts