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! URL 3
! URL 3
| unknown crosswinds.net address
| ''www.crosswinds.net/~giriama/creatures/''
! Established
! Established

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This page is about the website - for the person, see flib_dat.

Flib Dat!
Flib Dat!
Webmaster Amy Luther
URL 1 www.verminary.com/creatures [Archive]
URL 2 www14.brinkster.com/mockery/creatures [Archive]
URL 3 www.crosswinds.net/~giriama/creatures/
Established Before September 2000
Closed 17 January 2002 (last update)

Flib Dat! was, as the homepage proclaimed, a site with "stuff for Creatures 2". Lots of stuff!


The site moved on 1 November 2000 from Crosswinds to Brinkster. An archive was later started on Amy's own site, verminary.com, presumably around January 2002.

Wolfling Runs

Bad Albia

The Bad Albia wolfling run featured an intentionally hostile world. An archive of the first run in the Bad Albia world is available.

Savage Albia

Savage Albia was a planned wolfling run world with a primitive theme: all technological items, including the teleporters, lifts, computers and vendors, would be removed or disabled, and new animals and plants would be added.


All downloads are for C2.




  • Canny Ettin - This may be a different version from the Canny Ettin currently listed on the wiki.
  • Aquates - an amphibious version of Socrates

Interesting Facts