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Fishyfins was an active member of the CC, mainly around Albia2000 and Creature City. he joined the community in december 2003, retiring in late 2005.

during his time on Albia2000, he created the still active "The Person Above Me Game" thread. During a foodfight game thread on the Albia2000 forums during this time, Fishyfins invented and used a "transform gun", transforming several prominent participents into Norns. the idea quickly became popular, and soon, roleplay threads were springing up all over the place. this led directly to the creation of the Albia2000 Roleplay forums. so, Fishyfins can be seen as the father of Albia2000 roleplaying

During his time on Albia2000, he also bore witness to, and indeed, was involved in the buisness with K9norn, recieving several of his mature messages (despite Fishyfins being somewhat older than K9norn)

He was also a frequent user of the Creature City forums, becoming fast friends with Red Dragon (creator of Creature City), Tomecko, Lord Zasz and vanya, both online, and in the real world. The 5 became known in the community as the CC 5 (CC for Creature City)