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Eme originally hailed from the frozen tundra of the Miami area but has since moved onto greener pastures.

A longtime member of the CC, Eme originally went by EmeraldNorn, then Emerald, and finally Eme (pronounced "emm"). Eme left the Creatures Community at least a hundred years ago and, upon her return, was distraught to discover that the Creatures Wiki did not feature an article on her.

Since her banning from JRChat, Eme has instead been a regular of #creatures, including its various reincarnations.

Fun fact: Eme thinks you're all backwards for shortening Mizgiwir's screenname to "Miz" instead of "mizg."

Eme doesn't play Creatures any more because, in retrospect, she felt that it wasn't a very good game and she was like, twelve when she bought the first one.