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Creatures 2 COBs
Ira's CA Eggs

Ira's CA Eggs

Creator Ira
Download link Iggdrasil
Download mirror 1 Iggdrasil (archive)
Download mirror 2 (coming soon)

Ira made five food COBs that use Creatures Adventures egg sprites:

  • Blue Egg: Contains water, energy, and vitamin C.
  • Green Egg: An evil-looking egg that makes an unexpected sound when you drop it. Despite this, it is a normal piece of food.
  • Egg: A normal piece of food.
  • Striped Egg: A tasty egg containing fat and fatty acid.
  • Yellow Egg: Contains protein and glucose.

All are injected straight into the Hand and can be eaten in one bite.

The CA Egg COBs were created by Ira and were previously hosted on Iggdrasil.

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