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Dream Norn

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Dream Norns

The Dream Norns were drawn by Amanora from the Bengal Norn sprites using the Bondi Norn genome modified by Kathira, and were packaged by Phil. They are available for Creatures 3 and Docking Station and occupy Geat slot F.

Dream Norns have several interesting properties:

  • Long-life color genes
  • A low mutation rate
  • Glycotoxin resistance
  • They are a little more 'active' than Bondi Norns
  • Less need for sleep
  • Resistance against cold weather

Because of the changes to the color genes, they don't interbreed well with non-Amanora breeds - doing so can lead to sliders.

They can be downloaded at Amanora's Creatures and also at Eemfoo.org. A CFE version of the genome can be downloaded at EemFoo's Archive.