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Dragon Norn (C1)

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Female (left) and male (right) dragon norns.

The Dragon Norns were developed by Kathira for Creatures in 1997. They occupy norn breed slot 8, clashing with the Wood Norns and Dwarf Norns.

The Dragon Norns version 1 cannot be downloaded from the internet, as Kathira no longer wishes them to be available. Kathira posted on Creatures Caves that she was working on a version 2.0 of the Dragon Norns in late 2003. The Dragon Norns version 2 (which also occupy breed slot 8) were released in December 2005.

Some genetic differences between the version 2 and normal norns are:

  • They are less susceptible to disease
  • They like being warm (especially their kits)

You could download the Dragon Norns version 2 from Creatures Unlimited, but they have also been mirrored at Muppetboy's Geatville. MuppetBoy also converted them to a geat breed; they use geat slot 1.

The C2 version of this breed is known as the Amphibious Dragon Norns.

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