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Center of the Domisphere

The Domisphere is an unofficial metaroom by Hype_Chao.

It was created as more of a "filler room" to help out with the limited space within the Docking Station playfield, and it was once even planned to be part of a series of rooms.

The Domisphere contains two floors, a door to the Meso, a few food vendors, a few bouncing balls, and a bunch of short-lived bugs. The bottom floor, which is empty, was once planned for use in extending the Domisphere, but this was scrapped.

Due to the one-man-job and it being the developer's first clutches at Creatures Metarooming, it contains numerous bugs and errors.

  • The small purple bugs die out quickly.
  • Numerous errors with elevator, relating to its small movement range and large sprite.
  • Lack of catalogue entries.
  • Unfilling foods due to developer oversight and plants not all interactable.
  • The room has cellular automata emitters, though it is quite cold.

The room functions, however, and it can be populated with outside agents.

It was hosted at Zareb's Creations, but is now available at Eem Foo's Archive.