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*[[Lone Shee]]
*[[Lone Shee]]
==Game information==
==Game information==

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Docking Station is a game in the Creatures series, set on the Lone Shee's spaceship, the Capillata. It is known for being the first Creatures game with online networking capability, see DS Server.

The title is available to download for free for Windows and Linux, or it can be purchased as part of Creatures Exodus for the Mac OS X.

Creatures Docking Station can be docked with the retail Creatures 3 to make an even larger world, hence its name. In addition, several breeds are available to add to the game, some official, some third-party. Each of the official breeds has an entry in the Docking Station Story. To play the game online you will need register for a free Docking Station id.

Docking Station features an improved version of the Creatures Evolution Engine (Including the NetBabel protocol which is responsible for internet-based things such as the warp), and some agents are designed to work only with it. Conversely, others require Creatures 3 to be installed if they use scripts or sprites from it.

Want to know who was involved in making Docking Station? Read the credits!


The game is small - meaning that docking with Creatures 3 or adding third-party metarooms is a requirement in order to make a reasonably-sized world to play in - but still comes with several metarooms:

To see third-party metarooms, check out Category:Unofficial_Metarooms!


Agents of note include:


Docking Station includes the ChiChi Norn but there are many other official breeds that come as part of Creatures 3 or can be bought from the Creatures Mall to be used with it:


Free Official Addons

In Creatures 3

Breed Packs

There are also many third-party breeds available for free download.
See Category:C3/DS Breeds for a listing of breeds for DS!

Key (agent?) developers

Key players

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