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Desert Ettin

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C3 Ettin

These Creatures 3 Ettins live in the Desert Terrarium, born from the Ettin Mother, an egg layer that only puts out females. They are known to compulsively steal gadgets, often disconnecting complex machines in the process, and carry them back home. Agents like the Dummy Gadget, Perpetual Teacups or Ettin Puzzle have been made to channel these gadget-stealing impulses in a less annoying way.

The Ettins have doors especially designed for them that allow easy access to the Grendel and Aquatic Terrariums.

In-game Desert Ettin

Ettins have frequent medical problems caused by their wanderings of the Shee Ark, such as an infection of Histamine B (the Common Cold). Ettins also occassionally drown in the flooded tanks of the aquatic area.

This breed comes with the Creatures 3 game, which means that it is also available within the Creatures Internet Edition, Creatures Gold or Creatures Exodus box sets. They have been converted to C1 by Slaterbait, and were also converted to C2 by Biostorm under the name "Furry Ettins".

Did you know? C3/DS Norns have a gene that makes them blind to gadgets when near the Ettin Terrarium like Ettins but it doesn't activate unless the chemical, "Ettin Nirate", is present in their bloodstream.