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Darcie is the owner of Random Access Creatures, and the creator of the Gizmo Norns, an improved genetic breed. She has produced many Pokémon-related agents, as well as some Blueprints and the Colorbright Norns, all for Creatures 3.

Darcie has not been sighted recently in the community; she states on her site that the liquidation of CL "killed my programming spirit". She was seen in mid-2004, with a note about her Colorbright norns, which Liam was supposed to be resizing.

On July 14th, 2005 Darcie posted on her website saying "Just so you know I am chipping away at my creatures projects. I had a hold up last winter when my hard drive failed and I lost a lot of work but I am getting it back together now and redueing things. At this point the colorbrights are about 90% done. I'll be working at them when I can."

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