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Creatures Wiki:Guidelines/RP Policy

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Editnorn.png This page contains an official guideline on the Creatures Wiki.
  • Title: RP Policy
  • Summary: Policy on what kinds of non-canonical role-play related articles are acceptable on the Creatures Wiki.


Role-play articles on the creatures wiki must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The topic or character in question must be common to multiple venues for role-playing. For example, two unrelated forums. The purpose of this restriction is to ensure that the article is relevant to the general creatures community. If the thing in question is local to one forum, it should be documented on that forum only; if it is exceptionally important, perhaps a passing reference on the forum's article page may be warranted.
  • The article must be written in an encyclopedic style. The Creatures Wiki is not a hosting site for fiction; it is an encyclopedia. Its articles should stick to a matter-of-fact, declaratory style.
  • RP articles shall be clearly marked as being role-play, using a template. ({{roleplay}})
  • RP articles should be cited, or at least have references. An article introducing a fictional character, or other such thing, but not linking back to any further information, is not useful at all to Wiki browsers. Therefore, all RP articles shall be backed by links to forum threads or other sources which back up the information within.


  • Roleplaying material on the Wiki should, as a rule, be at least moderately related to Creatures. The Wiki is not about roleplaying, it is about Creatures.
  • Detailed information about characters is discouraged. Unless you are sure that a larger percentage of the CC will care about the content (not just your circle of friends that roleplay on some forum or other), it probably does not belong.