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Creatures Wiki:Guidelines/Proposed Guideline Example

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Editnorn.png This page contains a proposed guideline on the Creatures Wiki.
It is currently up for discussion as to its merit before being made official.
  • Title: Example Guideline
  • Summary: Use this proposed guideline example to base yours on.
  • Proposed: Your name here on January 1, 1969


This section is optional - if your guideline text below is not fully self-explanatory, you can lay out the reasons you proposed it here.

Guideline Text

Content for the guideline goes here. Bla bla bla, don't be evil, etc. This should be written as you expect the final finished guideline to look.

Subsection 1

More bla.

  • Foo.
  • Bar.
  • Seven!

Subsection 2

Blar blar blar!

  1. Example
  2. Example also

And so on...


The above guideline may be discussed in the space below. When a consensus is reached, the guideline will be either rejected or put into effect.

I think this guideline totally rocks! Let's use it now!!! User:Bob 17:46, 22 Jan 2005 (PST)

I disagree. It sucks. Kill it with fire! User:Sam 18:32, 22 Jan 2005 (PST)