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Creatures Wiki:Guidelines/Biographical Content

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Editnorn.png This page contains a proposed guideline on the Creatures Wiki.
It is currently up for discussion as to its merit before being made official.
  • Title: Biographical Content
  • Summary: Biographical content on the Creatures Wiki must be accurate and respect subjects' privacy and dignity.
  • Proposed: R Saiga 16:58, 12 October 2014 (EDT)


As the Creatures Wiki is a wiki about the Creatures community, the wiki will inevitably contain information about figures in the community. Due to the often personal nature of biographical content, material must be treated sensitively while following a high standard of quality.

Guideline Text

Standards and maintenance

Biographies are not user-pages. Biographical content is subject to the same policies and standards as other content on the Creatures Wiki. Content must be informative, verifiable, up-to-date, and adhere to the wiki's policy of No Personal Attacks.

Subjects should be referred to by the identity they use in the Creatures community. If Janna, a human figure in the Creatures community, presents herself as a toaster named "Breadburner" and prefers the pronoun "it", then the wiki must refer to Breadburner, a toaster, and use the pronoun "it".

Privacy of personal information

Biographical content may NOT include mailing addresses, home addresses, or business addresses. Email addresses are only allowed on pages of development ideas, future projects, projects in development, and user-pages. Real names may be posted to the Creatures Wiki only if the subject has participated in the Creatures community under their real name. Participation under a real name must be cited.

Personally identifiable information unrelated to the Creatures community (eg. the name of one's pet, state of residence, physical appearance, nationality, etc.) may be deleted at the subject's request. Such requests should be sent to sent to an administrator.

Photographs and realistic likenesses of actual persons may be posted to the wiki only if the subject is of 18 years of age or older. Unrealistic likenesses of persons (eg. fan art of creatures, photographs of inanimate objects, etc.) may be posted regardless of the subject's age. Any image depicting a person, realistic or not, must be immediately taken down at the subject's request. Requests should be posted on the image's talk page and sent to an administrator.

External links to pages containing personal information and media are allowed only if the pages are explicitly Creatures-related and adhere to the Creatures Wiki policy of No Personal Attacks.

Deletion of biographical articles

Biographies may be deleted only with the approval of community consensus. Deletion proposals are to be discussed on the talk page of the respective article. Biographical information present on other articles (eg. fan-created content) must be removed along with the deleted biography.

Deleted content may be restored only with the approval of community consensus.


The above guideline may be discussed in the space below. When a consensus is reached, the guideline will be either rejected or put into effect. Sign your comments with four tildes (~).