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Creatures Wiki:Guidelines

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A guideline is the equivalent of an "official policy" on the Creatures Wiki. They have been agreed to be helpful in making the Creatures Wiki a useful, well-managed resource for Creatures information.

When writing new articles or editing existing ones, the official guidelines should be taken into account by everyone involved in the editing process. This will assist in maintaining the quality of the wiki's content.

Current Official Guidelines[edit]

The following is a list of guidelines that have been given 'official' status.

Proposed Guidelines[edit]

These guidelines are currently proposed, and may be discussed in the marked discussion section of each guideline.

The Guideline System[edit]

Proposing New Guidelines[edit]

Times change, and therefore any system of rules needs to be dynamic. As such, new guidelines can be proposed. To do so, create a new article with the name: Creatures Wiki:Guidelines/<Guideline Name> (obviously filling in the name of your new suggested guideline in the area shown). See Creatures Wiki:Guidelines/Proposed Guideline Example for a basic template for new proposed guidelines. After this is done, add a link to it in the Proposed Guidelines section above. Once it has been debated for a sufficient amount of time to reach a consensus, then it will be made official (or rejected) by an administrator.

Edits to a proposed guideline should generally only be performed by the original proposer, though if the original proposer stops taking an interest or otherwise fails to follow through, others can take over the process.

Contesting Existing Guidelines[edit]

Current official guidelines will be protected to prevent modification, but if you disagree with a guideline or feel that it perhaps ought to be changed in some way, contact an administrator and provide logical reasoning why it should be changed. If your argument makes sense (even if the administrator disagrees with it), then a discussion channel of some kind will be opened for people to debate your proposed changes. If your proposed changes are approved, then they will take effect when the debate is finished.

An Important Note[edit]

This system is brand-new and needs the participation of everyone to help make it work. Please discuss proposed guidelines freely (and rationally)!

Anyone can propose a new guideline, but blatantly silly or non-serious guidelines will be probably be given the derision they deserve.