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Creatures Wiki:Development Ideas

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Are you an agent developer with nothing to do? Are you itching to make a 3D model, but haven't a clue what to make it for? Never fear! The Creatures Wiki has a cumulative list of ideas for budding developers. Feel free to add your own concepts to the list.

(Idea for this page: Put ideas into categories seperated by game ---R0bin)


  • Disco Mold - Mold that grows in different colors according to its environment? Examples being blue mold in a wet environment, yellow mold in a dry environment... (Meercat)
  • Fish bowl/Mobile Aquarium - Probably obvious - A movable container with water in it so fish can live in it. Creatures 3 already has a fishbowl.c16, it seems. (Gryph)
  • Porcupine critter - Also obvious. Creatures 3 has a porcupine.c16.
  • Object Lift - Machinery that has no gravity. It drops anything placed on it when given a positive signal, and grabs the agents under it for negative signal. Useful uses - Dropping a huge wall when a grendel is nearby, etc. (Digi)
  • One-way Sign - Rather obvious, a moveable sign that only allows creatures to go one way. Already done - Norngarden Stopperplant?
  • UFO - UFO that flies around and zaps Grendels. Creatures 3 has a deth.c16.

Game Improvements

  • MNG file for the login screen? (Gryph)
  • Numerous ecological improvements for Creatures 3 - in need of a complete article, perhaps? (Gryph)
  • Quit without saving button on the exit screen - so one can quit without saving, but not quit from the entire engine (Gryph)
  • Tinted norn faces in the GUI screens (nornagon tried to do this - it turns out there's already CAOS code to do it, but it doesn't work entirely right (in other words, it only works the first time, then the faces don't show up at all) (Gryph)