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Creatures Wiki:Development Ideas

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Are you an agent developer with nothing to do? Are you itching to make a 3D model, but haven't a clue what to make it for? Never fear! The Creatures Wiki has a cumulative list of ideas for budding developers. Feel free to add your own concepts to the list.


  • Disco Mold - Mold that grows in different colors according to its environment? Examples being blue mold in a wet environment, yellow mold in a dry environment... (Meercat)
  • Fish bowl/Mobile Aquarium - Probably obvious - A movable container with water in it so fish can live in it. Creatures 3 already has a fishbowl.c16, it seems. (Gryph)
  • Porcupine critter - Also obvious. Creatures 3 has a porcupine.c16.

Game Improvements

  • MNG file for the login screen? (Gryph)
  • Numerous ecological improvements for Creatures 3 - in need of a complete article, perhaps? (Gryph)
  • Quit without saving button on the exit screen - so one can quit without saving, but not quit from the entire engine (Gryph)