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Creatures Playground

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CV Alba Norn
Creatures Playground

Creatures Playground is the second of two titles in the Creatures series intended particularly for young children (ages 4-10), the first being Creatures Adventures. In these games the norns are bigger, rooms are brighter, and it generally feels more like a game than other incarnations of Creatures.

When both the original Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground games are installed, they can be merged to form a single game known as Creatures Village. Creatures Village is also the name of the remastered Windows and Mac OS X compilation games that include both titles.

Creatures Playground was originally published in 2000 by Vivendi/Encore.


Creatures Playground features "a never-ending fairground for children to explore", with features including:

  • A costume design workshop
  • An alien space station
  • A scary swamp
  • Carnival rides with a build-it-yourself roller coaster

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