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Creatures Online Live Session 2014

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Following the 52nd weekly update, Sophie announced a celebratory Twitch session. In late October, it was announced for the first week of December, but this was delayed. It was announced as taking place on the 11th of December at 8 pm CET.

Sophie and Lucas ran the session. This session, unlike the previous session, streamed the iPad edition of the game.

Most of the gameplay took place in the Lumin Caves and the Seashore. Three norns were born during the session, named Randall, Choccy, and Sauron. The Altar Machine was demonstrated with a norn named Dudley. The splicing machine was demonstrated, and genes can be spliced into a living norn, keeping their brains and memories intact.

The reward and punishment system was demonstrated too - when a norn performs an action that can be rewarded or punished, a blue thought bubble with a question mark appears above their heads. If the player clicks on it, a white thought bubble appears, with the action that the creature performed on which item, and a thumbs up or thumbs down. The action for kissing/tickling another norn is 'use norn'.