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Creatures Dance Jam

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Album Art by Bug

Creatures Dance Jam is a 2002 album that features Creatures-related dance music, most of which is composed of game sound effects, bibble, samples of music along with drum beats and various techno/electronic sounds.

The album was added to the Creatures Keepsakes section of The Grove in 2008 by Treesprite. In 2012 C-Rex remastered the album. As of 2023, all but four tracks of the original version are lost, with C-Rex's remastered version being the only way of listening to it in its entirety.


No. Title Artist Length
1. Lemon Vines Lacota


2. Creatures 2 Jam (DJ_G) DJ Grendel 0:36
3. Creatures 3 Jam (DJ_G) DJ Grendel 1:29
4. D-Labs Dr. Draconian 1:09
5. Albian Anthem Caleb Mazelevskis 1:44
6. The Bioship Caleb Mazelevskis 2:52
7. Crazed Warp Trollop Bug 3:36
8. Nornus Beatus Trollop Bug 3:42


  • Creatures Dance Jam is the first ever Creatures music album.
  • Lacota refers to C12DS in the comments of "Lemon Vines", "C12ds all the way!". C12DS was one of Lacota's many dreams that finally became a reality in 2005.

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