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Creatures Community Spirit Festival

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The Creatures Community Spirit Festival is an annual event in the Creatures Community, started in 2004 by Erin, Liam and several other community members. The Festival was an attempt to bring some life back into the community, and did, to a point, with a metaroom (Zaharo) being released, and a few agents and COBs including the Purple Mountain Hootch by malkin, but many were disappointed with its length - originally a mere week. In the future it will be a fortnight-long festival (minimum), held roughly over the first two weeks of August, starting on a Sunday, with various events happening around the community.

The 2005 CCSF is in progress, and is scheduled to run until August 14th, 2005.

Overview of this year's festival

This year the CCSF is centered around the idea of Give Back with a theme of Nature.

Quite a few agents, rooms, and breeds will hopefully be released, and some Important Announcements will be made, as well as a few brilliant new websites.


"Competitions week" began on Day 1, August 1th. There will be a number of competitions, including:

Planned Releases

Finished Releases

"Downloads week" began on Day 8, August 7th.

August 7th

August 8th

August 9th

August 10th

August 11th

Zareb released Aquatopia, a new Metaroom for DS.

August 12th

Zareb released ANOTHER Metaroom, Gardenia, for DS.

Events and Games

Another interesting part of this year's CCSF is that it will have several feature articles, in tribute to certain people, metarooms and agents.

The Festival web-games scheduled were unable to go ahead due to a lack of small prize donations. (small agents and the like.) With notice perhaps this can be arranged in time for next year's anniversary Festival.

This is also an attempt to bring the German and English communities together - Alien has offered to help translate the website to German so that the other half of the community can participate in the festivities. Hopefully some more interest will be raised in this side of the festival soon!

Donations and Prizes

The deadline for contributions for the 2005 festival was August 6th.


Have an idea of an event or competition that could be held? Have a different idea about how we could improve upon the festival? Please post it on the discussion page!