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*'''[[CCSF 2006|2006]] Coordinators''': [[Don]] and [[Liam]]
*'''[[CCSF 2006|2006]] Coordinators''': [[Don]] and [[Liam]]
*'''[[CCSF 2007|2007]] Team''': ''N/A''
*'''[[CCSF 2007|2007]] Team''': ''N/A''
*'''[[CCSF 2008|2008]] Team''': ''Everybody who wants to help!''
*'''[[CCSF 2008|2008]] Team''': ''Anybody who wants to help!''
==Past Festivals==
==Past Festivals==

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The Creatures Community Spirit Festival is an annual event in the Creatures Community, started in 2004 by Erin, Liam and several other community members. The first Festival was an attempt to bring some life back into the community, and it did, to a point. However, many were disappointed with its length - originally a mere week. Now, it is a fortnight-long festival (minimum), held roughly over the first two weeks of August, with various events happening around the community.

Volunteer coordinators initially ran the festival two years in a row before handing over the position to a new candidate; thus each year had one more experienced coordinator and one new recruit. In order to ensure the festival grows in size this year we will be looking to recruit a CCSF team for the 2007 festival.

Past Festivals

Upcoming Festivals


Have an idea of an event or competition that could be held? Have a different idea about how we could improve upon the festival? Please post it on the relevant discussion page!

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