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Creatures Community

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When I started writing this article, I thought about many different ways of introducing it. Should I just start with the story, and plow onwards? No, I thought, that would be going into it too fast. So, I started having a look at how the CC Celebrities write their introductions.. And I must say, having read Lis's, Lummox's, and notable other community members articles, I should just ramble on randomely in case I hit something relevant. So, here it is.. an article on the history of the Creatures Community! - Liam

The Creatures Community is what we see around us every time we we browse Creatures Caves, Albia 2000, or Gameware Development's Forums. It is the thing that has made the Creatures series so succesful - and is one of the most loyal fanbases there is. It has been going strong since 1997, when the first Creatures game was released. It has existed in many forms, and this wiki is just yet another tribute to the Community's skills and strenth.

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There have been many, many things that have influenced the Community, and I hope to cover as many events, people, and other influences on the community as I can.

The Beginnings

It all started on a balcony in 1992, where Steve Grand thought up the first inklings of what would once become the Creatures series. Work started on the game in 1993 and the first game was released in 1997. Creatures was adored by both genders of all ages, and was in instant hit all over the world.

Cyberlife released a number of addon-packs for Creatures, including the Purple Mountain Norns, and a number of new kits, including the Observation Kit, and the Injector Kit, which allowed you to inject Cyberlife's COB packs. These caused positive waves throughout the small but growing community, and soon, as always happens, people were looking to create addons for the game. No-one knew how to do it, though, and it was an Alexander Laemmle who came up with the solution. He called it a .cos file, standing for Creatures Object Source. He built a program to make .cob files from these .cos files and .spr files, which you could alter in the program, as well as copy/paste (which enabled people to make graphics in other programs and then copy it into the program). This program was met with great success, and soon other programs were springing up, including Cyberlife's COB Maker and the later BoBCOB by BoBWare.