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Creatures Alchemist

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Creatures Alchemist

Creatures Alchemist thumbnail from Gamesgames.com

Developer(s) Spil Games
Platform(s) Online
Release 2017
Status Discontinued
Website(s) Gamesgames.com (archived)


Creatures Alchemist was a free-to-play minigame created by Spil Games as a teaser for Creatures Family. The player was an assistant to the Shee (a character using the Master Shee sprites) and combined various elements to create genes, which could then be combined to discover different norn breeds. The gameplay of Creatures Alchemist has been compared to Doodle God, and the creatures, when found, wave at the player in an NPC-like manner. Clicking on the creature will bring up a screen with some information about the breed.

Certain elements of the game, such as the hatchery background and some of the norn breeds are taken from Creatures Online, which was cancelled in 2015. All the other breeds, such as the Alba Norns, are taken from other games in the series.

There are five "episodes" in the game, but only the first could be completed. As of January 2018, it was reported that the game had been updated, introducing a bug which made the game unplayable after the tutorial. This bug has been fixed as of July 2022, but a bug that stops gameplay halfway through Episode 2 remains. Creatures Alchemist is no longer available to play on Gamesgames.com as of mid-2023, and the version on Girlsgogames.co.uk fails to load past 98%.


The screen where the player mixes elements.
  • Denisse Lara
  • Marco Marmolejos
Sound Effects
  • Carlos Martinez
  • Daniel Espinal
Editnorn.png Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.


  • Newly-formed elements are often used in the next quest to create a norn breed.
  • Elements will fall out of the gene machine automatically if they cannot be used to create a creature.
  • Creating a Grendel comes with a penalty of 50 Energy.


Episode 1
  • Find Storm, Steam, Sea and Swamp (10E each)
  • Create the Aqua Norn (60E)
  • Find Dust, Lava, Energy and Clouds (10E each)
  • Create the White Pixie Norn (60E)
  • Find Plasma, Life, Fusion and Tornado (10E each)
  • Create the Bruin Norn (60E)
  • Find Ore, Sand, Metal and Crystal (10E each)
  • Create the Golden Desert Norn (60E)
  • Find Bacteria, Seeds, Conscience and Rain (10E each)
  • Create the Civet Norn (60E)
  • Find Laser, Star, Light and Glass (10E each)
  • Create the Bondi Norn (60E)
Episode 2
  • Find Clay, Flowers, Tree and Sulfur (10E each)
  • Create the Forest Norn (60E)
  • Find Turquoise, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz (10E each)
  • Create the Emerald Norn (60E)
  • Find Mercury, Knowledge, Soul and Fish (10E each)
  • Create the Pippin Norn (60E)
  • Find Figurine, Tea, Fruit and Ent (10E each)
  • Create the Purple Mountain Norn (60E)
  • Find Bulb, Zodiac, Science and Constellation (10E each)
  • Create the Fallow Norn (60E)
  • BUG? The next quest won't appear!

Breeds featured[edit]

Norn breeds
Grendel breeds
Grendels in Creatures Alchemist

Some element combinations lead to grendels being created, who are put underground. Creating grendels causes you to lose some energy; however if you do not have the energy required, no energy is lost.

  • Boney Grendel (Lava, Clouds & Dust) / (Fruit, Tea & Figurine) / (Plasma, Tornado & Life??)
  • Banshee Grendel (Fire, Air & Earth) / (Sapphire, Turquoise & Topaz) / (Earthworm, Horse & Bird) / (Sulfur, Flowers & Tree) / (Plasma, Tornado & Life??)
  • Classic Grendel (Ore, Metal & Crystal)
  • Jungle Grendel (Rain, Seeds & Conscience) / (Human, Tool & Beast) / (Plasma, Tornado & Life??)
  • Bulbous Grendel (Sea, Storm & Steam)

Elemental combinations[edit]

The Gene Combinator room, with two out of three elements loaded.

There are 132 elemental combinations to discover.

  • Fire + water = steam
  • Air + water = storm
  • Water + water = sea
  • Water + earth = swamp
  • Earth + fire = lava
  • Storm + fire = tornado
  • Fire + air = energy
  • Energy + water = life
  • Life + earth = seeds
  • Lava + water = ore
  • Ore + fire = metal
  • Fire + energy = plasma
  • Steam + air = clouds
  • clouds + water = rain
  • earth + air = dust
  • life + water = bacteria
  • Plasma + energy = light
  • energy + energy = fusion
  • ore + water = crystal
  • ore + air = sand
  • energy + light = star
  • earth + seeds = tree
  • water + sand = clay
  • life + energy = conscience
  • plasma + light = laser
  • bacteria + water = fish
  • fish + earth = beast
  • earth + beast = horse
  • sand + fire = glass
  • fire + clay = figurine
  • seed + water = flower
  • beast + swamp = insect
  • beast + air = bird
  • beast + flower = bee
  • flower + water = tea
  • star + star = constellation
  • water + crystal = sapphire
  • air + crystal = turquoise
  • life + conscience = soul
  • earth + crystal = topaz
  • energy + conscience = knowledge
  • fire + crystal = ruby
  • Ore + Sand = Sulfur
  • Metal + Water = Mercury
  • Tree + Conscience = Ent
  • Beast + Soul = Human
  • Life + Flowers = Fruit
  • Light + Glass = Bulb
  • Constellation + Knowledge = Zodiac
  • Energy + Knowledge = Science
  • Metal + Knowledge = Tools
  • Beast + Clay = Earthworm


  • If the player creates a norn breed before the objective for creating it appears, the game won't register it as being complete, even if the player makes additional norns from that breed. The only way to resolve this issue is to restart the game.
  • The "Watch Video" feature may not work for some players, making it impossible to get any more energy.
  • When resetting your progress, the life bar for getting new lives displays NaN:NaN instead of a counter and lives don't increase. Refreshing solves this.
  • For some reason finishing the second episode doesn't unlock the third.
  • In episode 2, the genetic combination "Insect, Bird & Horse" will create a red and purple egg, but the egg won't show up in the hatchery.
  • As of January 2018, it was reported that the button to go to the Gene Combinator room was removed from the interface, making the game unplayable. This bug was fixed as of July 2022, however, the bug which stops gameplay after discovering the Fallow Norn has not been fixed.

Reaction from the Creatures Community[edit]

Shortly after its release, Creatures Alchemist was criticised due to its linear nature and the fact it has free-to-play elements, as well as simple visuals, numerous spelling mistakes, and long in-game waiting times. However, despite this, some members do enjoy the game.

It is unknown if Creatures Alchemist would have been any reflection of Creatures Family e.g.: art style, or if it would have been a completely different game altogether.

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