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Creatures Against Norn Abuse

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Creatures Against Norn Abuse

A site advocating the prevention of cruelty to creatures. Somewhat similar to Equal Rights For Norns, but less vocal in the torture side of things and more humourous.

Summary of Content

The original idea for CANA was a light-hearted web-ring/banner campaign, in a similar vein to ERFN, but somewhat less militant. Studz and Kimberlee published a set of banners on their respective websites inviting CCers to use more of the tickle and less of the smack on their Norns.

On 25 April 2001, Gabriel set up a proper website for the society (eventually seeking permission from Studz :), and so more in the spirit of the original organisation than a direct continuation), with philosophical musings, advocacy and "fun stuff" (even including Grendel origami), as well as Norns for download and some creature-friendly COBs for Creatures 2:

Later versions also offered a Creatures-based search engine, "Foogle", although its links database was a little small, containing just 18 sites. An MS-DOS-executable Creatures encyclopaedia, "Flub Dis!", was on the cards, but never reached a completed version.

The group was eventually into divisions for Norns, Ettins and Grendels - the heads of each division were:

  1. Norn Division: Lacota
  2. Ettin Division: Wizard Ettin (who even set up an Ettin Division page)
  3. Grendel Division: Dr Nornavis

Unfortunately, these divisions were never hugely active.