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Creatures Adventures

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Creatures Adventures

Creatures Adventures Cover Art

Developer(s) Creature Labs
Publisher(s) Mindscape
Composer(s) Peter Chilvers
Platform(s) Windows
Release October 7, 1999
Creatures Adventures Introduction

Creatures Adventures is the first of two titles in the Creatures series intended particularly for young children (ages 4-10), the second being Creatures Playground. In these games the Norns are bigger and lack speech bubbles, the rooms are brighter, and there is more emphasis on gameplay than artificial life.

When both the original Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground games are installed, they can be merged to form a single game known as Creatures Village. Creatures Village is also the name of the remastered Windows and Mac OS X compilation games that include both titles.

Since it was released slightly before Creatures 3, Creatures Adventures was the first game to run on the Creatures Evolution Engine. Both games were published by Mindscape in 1999, and produced by Ben Simpson, who later became creative director for NiceTech (formerly Nicely Crafted).

Game Requirements

  • 200MHz Pentium processor or faster
  • Windows 95/98
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 4x CD-ROM or faster
  • 16 bit sound card
  • 2 MB 16-Bit colour SVGA display adapter (800 X 600 resolution)
  • 340 MB of free hard disk space

Creatures Adventures appears to run fine on most modern operating systems, but will only run in windowed mode and must have reduced color mode (16-bit) enabled in its compatibility settings. Similar to Creatures Village, the MIDI music in the game will not play. Unlike Creatures Village, there is no workaround; the game will display the error "Failed to create server thread" when run in Windows 98/Windows ME compatibility mode.

Official breeds

When the Creatures Playground merger tool is executed, Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground merge into a single game called Village, which includes additional breeds such as Tiger Norns and Okapi Norn. Please note that these breeds are not usable in the standalone Creatures Adventures game, even after the tool is executed.


  • Nestery - This room includes a crib for hatching norn eggs. Any eggs laid by your Norns outside can be safely stored here.
  • Dressing Up Room - Has a wardrobe containing a range of Norn clothing items, such as gloves, boots, wigs and hats, for your Norns to wear. In the beginning, the wardrobe contains only one clothing piece, the other two must be found and unlocked.
  • Kitchen - Using the oven and cake tin, the player can bake cakes for their Norns to eat here.
  • Toy Room - Accessed from the kitchen, this upstairs area includes toys for both Norns and the player.
  • Garden - Contains a small crop yard that can grow carrots, radishes, tomatoes, watermelons, flowers and more. It yields crops during all seasons except winter.
  • Tik the Tree - A large tree with a face situated on the right side of the house. Sometimes, his branches can hit norns, which may cause them pain.
  • Dragon Music Area - The location contains three large slumbering dragons. Clicking the buttons plays music and makes them dance.
  • Haunted Castle - A dark gloomy castle. Has two doors - one leads to the dungeon. The other leads to Cloudland.
  • Dungeon - Found beneath the haunted castle. It features a sliding puzzle game that can be completed by the player.
  • CloudLand - Home to the Cloud Game and Weather Machine. The left hand side leads to the Motor Cloud game.
  • Airship - This airship has a trapdoor and a slide chute that can be used for either parachuting or sliding the player's norns down to Tik the Tree. The upper levels of the airship house the Airship game.

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