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Creatures Adventures

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Creatures Adventures

Creatures Adventures is the first of two titles in the Creatures series intended particularly for young children (ages 4-10), the second being Creatures Playground. In these games the Norns are bigger and lack speech bubbles, the rooms are brighter, and there is more emphasis on gameplay than artificial life.

When both the original Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground games are installed, they can be merged to form a single game known as Creatures Village. Creatures Village is also the name of the remastered Windows and Mac OS X compilation games that include both titles.

Since it was released slightly before Creatures 3, Creatures Adventures was the first game to run on the Creatures Evolution Engine. Both games were published by Mindscape in 1999 and was produced by Ben Simpson, who later became creative director for NiceTech (formerly Nicely Crafted).

Official breeds[edit]

When run with the Creatures Playground merger tool, the two games become one (known as Village) and will also add Tiger Norns and Okapi Norns. However since you can play Adventures standalone unaffected, Tiger Norns and Okapi Norns won't actually be installed onto Adventures.


Here is a sample of activities in the Creatures Adventures world:

  • Outside of the Nestery is a dressing room. There is a variety of Norn clothing including gloves, boots, wigs and hats. The wardrobe only contains one clothing piece at first; the other two have to be found and unlocked.
  • In the kitchen you can choose to bake cakes for your Norns to eat. Click on the book and select what you want to make. All of the ingredients will go inside a cake pan. Place the pan into the oven, close the door and click the egg timer. You can make three cakes anytime but to make the carrot cake or the slimy bone cake, you must find the ingredients first.
  • The playroom, which is upstairs and accessed from the kitchen, has toys for Norns and the player. You can play a basketball game by clicking the score board. Click onto the basketball and try to shoot hoops for points before the timer runs out. Every time the timer runs out, your last score is saved so you can try to beat it the next time.
  • Outside of the house is a small crop yard that can grow carrots, radishes, tomatoes, watermelons, flowers and more. It yields crops during all seasons except winter. First till the soil until it is just right, click the seed packets to begin planting and remember to water the plants with water from the pail. You can choose to place the vegetables into the pelican's mouth to deliver to your kitchen.

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