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Creatures 3

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The Shee Ark has a modular metaroom design

[[Image:Creatures3coverr Creatures to other users through the Warp.

This game is no longer available in the shops in its original form, but it can be purchased as part of the Windows-only Creatures Exodus for Windows, the Windows+Mac dual format Creatures Exodus for Mac OS X, or the Linux-only [[Creatures Internet Edi Read the Creatures 3 Credits, or find out more about how the backdrop images were made (more here).

Interesting facts

Room list

The rooms in Creatures 3 are:

Many other metarooms have been created as third-party addons - many of these require the use of the free Docking Station addon.


There are numerous machines all doin

Creatures Mall breeds:

There is an extensive list of breeds for Creatures 3 (and Docking Station).

Game information

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