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Creatures: Color Craze

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Creatures: Color Craze thumbnail from Gamesgames.com

Creatures: Color Craze is a free-to-play minigame created by Spil Games and available on the website, Gamesgames.com. Much like Creatures Alchemist, the actual gameplay bears little to no resemblance to the main series of Creatures games.

The game itself is currently unplayable as it does not load properly on Spil's website, though there is a walkthrough video available to watch on the same page, which shows gameplay footage.


Creatures: Color Craze Main Menu

Creatures: Color Craze has very simple gameplay - there are five differently colored slides (blue, green, yellow, red, and pink), and the player must click each ring as a "creature" (they resemble norns, but are never referred to as such) slides through it, to prevent them falling in the water. If a creature falls in the water, and the player has beaten the high score, the game will end, and they will have the option to either try again, or spend their points on a Gacha game for a creature egg. If the player wasn't able to beat their high score, they may also spend 10 of their points to carry on playing

As the level progresses, creatures will spawn more rapidly and slide down more quickly. Despite the title, and description, the color of the creatures themselves does not appear to have any influence on gameplay.

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