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The first game in the [[Creatures series]].
The first game in the [[Creatures series]] ([[:Category: Creatures games|full list]]).
==Creatures, the Game==
==Creatures, the Game==

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The first game in the Creatures series (full list).

Creatures, the Game

The original Creatures game was set in Albia and featured Norns, Grendels and much in the way of cheese and carrots. The game was limited by the technology of the time, being restricted to a 256-colour palette (background images are available at C2 Back), bamboo architecture and occasional background sounds rather than the music which evolved in latter titles. The development title for Creatures was "Small Furry Creatures" - the game also became known as 'Creatures 1', or more commonly, simply 'C1' after Creatures 2 was (eventually) released.

The word Creatures is also used in plural to refer to the A-life animals which are the focus of the games.

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